Accra Welcomes You

Ghana, described by Timeout as "Africa for beginners" is a friendly and stable country with the capital and meeting city Accra acknowledged as one of Africa's safest cities. Accra, the capital city of Ghana since 1877, is a modern coastal metropolis with architecture along the coast and city centre reflecting its history with the Portuguese, Danes, Dutch and British. The city also has on display a number of modern high-rise buildings with many more under construction. The main economic activity in the city is financial services, with numerous local and multinational banks, and the only offshore bank in West Africa. Communications follows closely as the second major economic activity.

Accra boasts a good number of tourist sites including the James and Ussher colonial Forts, and the Christiansborg Castle; which has served as Ghana's seat of government since the colonial era. Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, where the mortal remains of Ghana's first president and his wife lie, and the city's arts and crafts centre (The Arts Centre) are probably the most frequently visited tourist sites in the city. These sites, together with the Accra Lighthouse, Ohene-Djan Sports Stadium and the National Theatre, are all located within walking distance from each other along the shores of the city. There are numerous beach resorts dotted along the length of the city and its outskirts. Other places of interest to visitors in the capital are the National Museum, Accra International Conference Centre, W.E.B. DuBois Memorial Centre for Pan-African Culture and the Independence Square (one of the largest public gathering places in the world).

Accra hosts the Regional Maritime University and Kofi Annan Peace-Keeping Centre, both of which serve the entire Sub-region. Accra is a sister city to Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Popular tourist sites outside Accra include the Elmina Castle, Cape Coast Castle, Kakum National Park and Aburi Botanical Gardens (situated on the Aburi Mountain).