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Ghana’s Accra International Airport receives airlines from many world destinations and it is the country’s premier airport. The airport is situated 10km (6 miles) north of Accra city centre.

Kotoka International Airport

Direct flights to and from Europe include: British Airways (London), KLM (Amsterdam), Lufthansa (Frankfurt) Alitalia (Rome) and Ghana Airways the national airline, which flies to Rome, London and Dusseldorf.

Visas and other Entry Requirements

All visitors to Ghana are required to have a visa - unless you are a citizen of a West African country which belongs to ECOWAS – please check visa requirements.

A valid passport is mandatory.

You must have a return ticket to Ghana before applying for a visa. Basic tourist visas are valid for 3 months from date of issue so don't get it too early or it may expire before you arrive!

Visa requirements are subject to change and should be checked prior to travelling to Ghana at the Ghanaian Embassy listed below.

Ghana also requires all visitors to have a valid certificate of immunization against yellow fever.

Check with Embassy of Ghana for the most updated information and location of Consular offices:


Malaria Prophylaxis

Ghana is a malaria endemic country and non-immune visitors are strongly advised to take prophylaxis BEFORE arrival. The meetings will be held in air-conditioned facilities and exposure to mosquitoes is expected to be extremely minimal, if any at all. Mosquito repellents in the forms of lotions, creams and sprays can be obtained from local pharmacies scattered around town. They will be of use especially for outdoor activities and at night. Nevertheless, adequate and appropriate precautions should be taken.

International Health Requirement

Yellow Fever vaccination is mandatory and all visitors are encouraged to bring their International Immunization Cards showing a valid Yellow Fever immunization.

Health and Immunizations

Please check for the latest travel advice and travel warnings from the links below. Innoculation regulations and medical advice can change at short notice for Ghana.

Ghanaian Embassy's Immunisation Advice page

More information about immunizations for travel to Africa : Ghana specific-advice from the FCO

L'avis du Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes